Alli Frank & Asha Youmans, TINY IMPERFECTIONS

Alli Frank and Asha Youmans are the debut co-authors of Tiny Imperfections, a novel. Alli has worked in education for 20-plus years in San Francisco and Seattle in both public and private schools as a teacher, college counselor, coach, and assistant head. Asha has taught in public and private elementary schools for almost 20 years. Their book, an intergenerational, mother-daughter story, is hilarious and pitch perfect. Set against a backdrop of a prestigious San Francisco private school, the story addresses race, single parenting, and dating at 40. The three of us talked about the school admissions process, family relationships, Alli and Asha's terrific dynamic, and how their experience as educators for over 20 years shines through in this heart-filled and humorous love letter to schools and school communities.

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