Anne Bogel is the famous podcast host of "What Should I Read Next?" and "One Great Book.” She’s also the creator of the blog Modern Mrs. Darcy and the author of Reading People and I'd Rather Be Reading. Her latest book, Don't Overthink It, is already a bestseller!!! Her book is part memoir/part guide to stop second-guessing yourself and make decisions that bring joy to your life. Anne and I have so many things in common from our passion for connecting books with readers to having a house full of 4 kids. I honestly could have kept talking with her for hours! Anne and I chatted about her being a recovering perfectionist, how she visualizes her workload as a Ferris wheel, the concept of giving decisions the amount of energy they deserve and the idea that loving books is like sharing a common language. Be sure to catch Anne's hilarious dinner party story that will keep you laughing!!

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