Bess Kalb is the debut author of Nobody Will Tell You This But Me. She is an Emmy-nominated writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and wrote for the Emmy Awards in 2012 and 2016 and the Academy Awards in 2017 and 2018. She regularly writes for The New Yorker's Daily Shouts and received a WGA Award in 2016. Nobody Will Tell You This But Me is a beautiful memoir written from the voice of her beloved grandmother. Bess began writing from her grandmother's perspective as a way to feel closer to her and process grief after her death. Bess and I chatted about the authenticity of writing from a loved one's voice and why she felt it was the best way to honor what she calls her grandmother's superhero origin story. I loved hearing about Bess's first experience as a six-year-old writer, something her mother still sweetly reminds her of, and her challenge to all of us to write from the perspective of someone we love. Make sure you catch the fascinating story of the Twitter side project Bess started to distract herself from a soul-crushing job and how this led to a career as a comedy writer! I loved having her as the featured author at my recent book club. To join the book club, check out the link in bio!! 
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