Brenda Janowitz is Pop Sugar's book correspondent and the author of six novels. Her latest, The Grace Kelly Dress, tells the story of an heirloom wedding gown and three generations of women whose lives are influenced and changed by the dress. Brenda and I could have talked all day!! Brenda and I discussed — among other things —  her Pinterest board for the cover design, her wedding obsession, how waiting in line at CVS informs her character development, not being so hard on herself, her son who was born at 31 weeks, and her husband’s shirt. Her bio: Brenda’s work has appeared in the “Modern Love” column of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Redbook, The New York Post, Publisher's Weekly, and many other publications. She is a graduate of Cornell University and Hofstra Law School, and worked as a lawyer and federal clerk before becoming a writer. Be sure to listen in on this one!! 

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