Dibs Baer is a former entertainment writer and editor who worked in the magazine industry for 15+ years. She has written and co-written six books including the New York Times bestseller I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends. Dibs' newest book, Lady Tigers in the Concrete Jungle: How Softball and Sisterhood Saved Lives in the South Bronx, centers on a junior high softball coach Chris Astacio and his journey to create not only a team but a safe space for his female students. It was so heartbreaking to hear about the realities these girls were facing growing up in one of the most dangerous, poverty-stricken neighborhoods in America. The story is hard to hear, but the intrepid spirit of their coach is beyond inspiring. Dibs and I chatted about her personal relationship with the women on the team and the lack of female-driven sports movies. (I mean, why IS that?) We discussed life after the implosion of the magazine industry and her experiences as a ghostwriter. So interesting! I loved Dibs' advice to just keep going and how it only takes one person to say yes!    

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