Joanna Hershon, ST. IVO

Joanna Hershon is the author of the novels, SwimmingThe Outside of AugustThe German Bride, A Dual Inheritance and, as of the pub day today (!!), St. Ivo. St. Ivo is a psychological/emotional story that centers on a married couple with something out of control in their lives (don’t want to spoil the plot!!) and how they cope during a reunion with two old friends during a weekend in the country. This book deals with how individuals cope with uncertainty and is a timely read for this moment in time! Joanna and I discussed how being what she calls a “recovering actress” influences her writing and her interest in how humans move through the stages of trauma and loss. Joanna shared how writing can feel like time spent with a companion and the idea that writers are often exploring their unconscious anxieties through their work. Make sure you listen in to hear about the encounter on the subway that inspired this book! Joanna's writing has appeared in GrantaThe New York Times, One StoryVirginia Quarterly Review, and two literary anthologies, Brooklyn Was Mine and Freud’s Blind Spot. She teaches in the creative writing department at Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn with her husband, the painter Derek Buckner.

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