Lindsay Powers is the author of You Can't F*ck Up Your Kids: A Judgment-Free Guide to Stress-Free Parenting and the creator of the perfectly named #NoShameParenting movement which has reached more than 170 million people across social media. A long-time journalist, her work has appeared in The Washington Post, the New York Post, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, CNN, and more. She was founding editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Parenting and most recently, she was the Vice President for Lifestyle and Entertainment at SiriusXM and the founder of a digital content consulting company. Lindsay and I talked over Skype about trusting your instincts as a parent, that one extra minute of screen time isn't going to preclude your kids from getting into college, and the importance of creating a judgement-free parenting culture. This book is terrific at any time, but it feels even more significant as parents are spending even more time with their kids right now!

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