I had a blast interviewing Meena Harris. Meena is the author of Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea which is based on her aunt and mom, Senator Kamala Harris and Maya Harris, who campaigned to change the playground outside their building when they were kids. She's also the founder and CEO of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, which supports women everywhere and the critical work that's being done for women's rights. My kids and I loved her children's book - and the online activity book component is an amazing way to engage with your family! Meena and I chatted about creating children's literature that highlights girls in the world going after their big ideas, how to ingrain in people that activism starts small, and the importance of self-affirmation and the universal message that women are phenomenal. Check out the merch on the site. My daughter is obsessed with the Phenomenal Girl green, cozy sweatshirt!

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