Special Re-Release: Courtney Maum, TOUCH

Re-Release! Courtney Maum’s novel, TOUCH, is so timely that I just had to rerelease for you this weekend. This one was of my first podcasts ever so please forgive my beginner skills! Courtney and I discussed her novel which discusses a life without touch, similar to what we’re all going through on a macro level now. She interviewed professional huggers, imagined touch-free body suits and had a couple struggle in the midst of a world in which physical touch between humans becomes a commodity. Am I the only one who misses hugging people?! Courtney has since written a gorgeous, slim novel called Costalegr and a guide to book publishing called Before and After the Book Deal. And she has used her newsletter to assemble all the resources the literary community is assembling during this time (including mine - thanks, Courtney!!). Listen in or our prophetic conversation. It kind of makes you think, right???

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