Therese Anne Fowler, A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD

Therese Anne Fowler is the New York Times best-selling author of novels Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, A Well-Behaved Woman, and her most recent novel A Good Neighborhood. This contemporary suburban drama centers on a conflict between two families, one black and one white, as they deal with a damaged historic oak tree in the black family's backyard. This book had such a twist of an ending but I won’t say a word. I enjoyed chatting with Therese about her personal connection to the material and why she felt writing this story was a call to activism in these troubled times. Therese and I discussed the research and homework that went into writing from the perspective of a different race and why she strayed from her historical fiction background. Be sure to catch Therese sharing the truly magical moment she knew she was a writer. Therese’s first book was a source of comfort during a critical time in my life and I had such a lovely full circle moment when we sat down to chat! You just never know where life will lead!
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