Bonnie Tsui, WHY WE SWIM

Bonnie Tsui’s mom actually reached out to me after seeing me on and suggested I interview her daughter! Turns out, Bonnie wrote a fantastic, thought-provoking book recently called Why We Swim, a perfect book for these summer months. Part-memoir and part-investigative journalism, Why We Swim will make anyone long for the blood-pressure-lowering effects of staying underwater. Bonnie is a native New Yorker, Harvard University graduate where she rowed crew and snowboarded, a frequent contributor to The New York Times and California Sunday magazine, a live storyteller, author, and surfer. Bonnie's parents met in a swimming pool in Hong Kong, which is just so fitting. Her book is absolutely fascinating - a personal, cultural, scientific, and journalistic exploration of the human relationship with water and swimming. Bonnie explained how we're wired to respond to water and the psychological benefits of being around and in water for our mental health. I think you'll want to take a swim after listening.

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