Jeanine Cummins, AMERICAN DIRT

I was absolutely thrilled to interview Jeanine Cummins for my virtual book club. When American Dirt came out, it was an Oprah's book club pick, landed on the best-seller list, was optioned by Clint Eastwood…. and yet caused an enormous controversy, one that caused Jeanine to cancel her book tour and all events due to death threats and more. I wrote an article defending her work and a novelists’s right to create fictitious worlds. I felt compelled to write it because of how much I adored story. How much it moved me. How beautifully written and powerful it was. Just like a good book should be. After months of speculation about her feelings, I could finally speak to her directly about what happened and the unheard story about her writing the book itself. We spoke more about the important part —the book, her relationship with her dad and her devastating loss of him—than the controversy, but it was all relevant, inspiring and informative. Jeanine is a passionate advocate for borderlands migrants and is matching donations up to $100K until July 31st for anyone who wants to give here. I hope you’ll find our discussion as moving as I did.


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