Laura Zigman is the author of Separation Anxiety, her first novel in over a decade which will surely follow the success of Animal Husbandry, Dating Big Bird, Piece of Work and Her. This book is about a couple that can’t afford to get divorced, a son who is growing up, and the emotional support the family dog gives the main character, Judy, (a 50-year-old) especially when worn in a sling. Which Laura may or may not have tried herself - listen to find out! We talked about so much including how she came back after her long break from the book world, why she’s always early, how she ended up moving back to her hometown, her breast cancer, why she enjoys ghost-writing, how Craig’s List helped her write, why she isn’t the easiest person to live with, and how she feels about the invisibility that comes with aging. Watch us talk live on May 5th at the Steicker Center at Temple Emanu-El!! 

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