Mary Katherine Backstrom, MOM BABBLE

I could not stop laughing during my interview with Mary Katherine Backstrom. It was late on a Friday afternoon/evening during the quarantine. We were both a little bit giddy. I kept getting interrupted by my kids. It was very informal. I almost decided to cut all of it. Then I said, you know what? This is what life was like that day, and it's fitting because she is the founder, viral blogger, essayist, and personality behind Mom Babble, a growing community of about half a million followers. MK, as she goes by, has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was awarded the Today Show Iris Award. We talked about the challenges of postpartum depression, adventure-loving children, chasing dreams, and her latest book called Mom Babble, which will absolutely remind all the parents out there that they are not alone!

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