Patrice Karst is the author of The Invisible String, a beautiful story about the connection we share with our loved ones even when they’re not physically with us, and many other books that help people cope with loss and separation from loved ones, even pets. There’s no better time for this Patrice's books than now!!! Her stories have sold over half a million copies and have touched the lives of so many people. In our chat, Patrice touched on the heartwarming true story that led to her writing the book, the word-of-mouth phenomenon the made her book the go-to book for children needing connection, how she took her painful childhood as the daughter of two mentally ill parents and converted it to joy, and the idea that we are all capable of moving forward from childhood pain. Patrice was kind enough to share several beautiful stories of how this book series has helped children dealing with devastating circumstances, loss, and separation anxiety. I promise this episode will bring a smile to your face and give you a way to stay connected to those you miss. Don’t we all need this now?! (I miss everyone!!)

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